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How To Use
W32.Virut is an polymorphous virus, it infects EXE, downloads trojan horse, or even let the computer being controlled by hacker.

Filseclab W32.Virut Removal Tool is a green and free tool that used to scan and clean for the family virus Virut. It can detect and clean the most Virut and its mutains, but it cannot detect them all.

The main program is FILAVUT.EXE, you may launch it to make a scan. The installation is unneeded because it is green tool, just to delete it if you do not need it anymore.

If the Twister Antivirus has been installed on your system, it will quarantine the files to the folder of Twister, otherwise, it will quarantine them to this folder. This program cannot restore the quarantined files, you must use Twister to restore them when needed. If you need to restore the file and you did not install the Twister at all, you may download and install it, and copy this folder Quarantine to target of Twister, and use Twister to resotre them.

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