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Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel is a very powerful and easy to use anti-porn software. It does not depend on web browser, Internet Explorer, Netscape and all of the others can be filtered. It can detect and block porn/force/game/chat websites and has a high anti-rate over 98%, it can also control Internet-usage time. It has LiveUpdate, Multinational-language filtering, Web sites blacklist, keywords blacklist, anti-uninstall and more good features. It is your first selection for Internet purification.

Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel,Anti Porn Software


  • Anti-porn, Anti-Chat, Anti-Game, Anti-Popup.
  • Custom black-list and white-list.
  • Live update.
  • Alerts. When the visited porn websites more than an amount, an alert E-mail can be sent to you. If your E-mail can transmit Short Message to your mobile telephone, you may also take Short Message alert.
  • Logs. The visited websites, blocked websites and software events will be written to log files for letting you can analyse it.
  • Password protection. Only administrator can manage and remove this software.
  • Independent of web browser. All kinds of web browser can be filtered because it uses the firewall technology. For example: Internet Explorer, Netscape and all of the others can be filtered.
  • Embedded in system, it is very safe.
  • Quiet mode. It can be set to quiet mode, let the user can not feel the websites have been filtered.
  • Can block websites based on language. For example, it can be set to block Greek, Japanese etc websites. It can effectively block foreign language questionable websites.
  • Automatically learning. It has an intelligence parsing engine, when it found the websites are questionable, it will automatically add it to blacklist.
  • Using high speed arithmetic. Using lowest bandwidth, getting best performance.

Internet purification all in Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel.

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