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Filseclab Personal Firewall Source Code Filseclab Personal Firewall 2.5 Source Code
FIL Security Laboratory publishs Full Source Code of Filseclab Personal Firewall, relies on the advanced technology and very high performance-cost have been got good admiration and propped up by extensive user within short time. The fact is proved: Choose it will be able to bring the good income for you or your enterprise.

The Source Code contains what? have kernel module? Is it full source code?

Yes, it is full source code of Filseclab Personal Firewall, this is undoubted, it includes XFILTER.EXE (GUI) + XFILTER.DLL (SPI) + XPACKET.SYS (NDIS HOOK for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003) + XPACKET.VXD (NDIS HOOK for Windows 95/98/ME), the source code contains the detailed explanatory note. The compiled programs same as our publishing version at Internet.

What technology does it adopt?

  • Application layer adopt Winsock 2 SPI to control and filter network packets.
  • Kernel layer adopt NDIS HOOK to control and filter network packets. Especially under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, this technology is unexposed technology of Microsoft. It have certain advantages rather than Microsoft opened TDI and IMD. For example: TDI cannot capture the incoming ICMP packets, IMD's installation is difficult. See also: The detailed technology introduction (the figure and text).
Because Filseclab Personal Firewall adopt NDIS HOOK + Winsock 2 SPI both filter technology, so its technology, performance and function is advanced and excellent.

What programming language and tools are used?

Programming Language: C/C++
Development Tools: VC6 + DDK for NT/2000/XP/2003 + VToolsD

Why I need it, what can it bring for me?

  • If you are a software engineer or the programmer, perhaps you are facing the following problems:
    • You have a task of the firewall development, but you never did this work, you are really don't know how to start.
    • You are planning to become a programmer of Network Security, but you are a new comer.
    • You are meeting a difficult problem of the network programming, and you cannot solve it.
    In that case, you may choose Filseclab Personal Firewall Source Code, consult its technology, it would lead you to enter the field of the network security quickly, it can help you to hold the network programming technology, driver development, NDIS application.
  • If you are a manager of project development of network security, and you are discontenting for developing progress. You may choose Filseclab Personal Firewall Source Code for Commercial, it would save much time and a lot of fund for your company, it would make your products come into the market ahead of time, and you would win the business opportunity.
  • If you are a student of the computer department, you wish to learn network security technology. You may also choose Filseclab Personal Fire wall Source Code.
So, choose the Filseclab Personal Firewall Source Code would make you benefit, it is your sagacious choice.

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Filseclab Firewall 2.5 Source Code for Commercial

What is Source Code for Commercial?

The Source Code for Commercial contains a Commercial License Agreement except all the above contents of the Source Code. The agreement will license you to distribute, sell your applications that developed using the source code. It will bring huge advantages for your company.

What does it contain?

It not only contains the all Filseclab Firewall Source Code and documents, but also contains a Commercial License Agreement. About the source code, please see Filseclab Personal Firewall Source Code.

What does the License Agreement contain?

Please see here: Filseclab Personal Firewall Source Code for Commercial License Agreement

What way do you use to give me the License Agreement?

  1. Please you download Filseclab Personal Firewall Source Code for Commercial License Agreement and fill in the marked yellow fields.
  2. Print out 4 copies of the contract, signed these originals by your managing director and send them to us via post.
  3. Pay the license fee to our bank account mentioned in the contract.
  4. As soon as we got the signed License Agreement and license fee, we will send you back the two copies signed by our managing director. And we will send the Source Code and Documents to you via E-mail immediately.

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