Frequently Asked Questions

How to purchase Twister Anti-TrojanVirus ?

Please view Purchase and Registration .

What limitations in unregistered version ?

Please view Comparison between Registered and Unregistered.

How to renew my software ?

Please view Renewal.

Why were the buttons of Clean/Rename/Reimmunize disabled still even after registration ?

The following are possible reasons:

How to do if registration failed ? How to do if renewal failed ? How to do if synchronization failed ?

Please view The solutions about registration failed when registration failed.
Please view Renewal Errors and Solutions when renewal failed.
Please view Synchronization Errors and Solutions when synchronization failed.

How to fill out the e-mail of Request for Register, Deregister, Renewal or Synchronization ?

Please view Here .

How many computers can be registered by one Registration Code ?

This is based on the license-number of registration code, if your registration code is single-user license, it can register one computer, 5 users license can register 5 computers, 10 users license can register 10 computers and by analogy to others.

Will registration code be unavailable if reinstall operation system or format disk ?

No, but it is correctly that the software became to unregistered status after you reinstall system, you only need to reregister it with your registration code.

Will my registration be effected if my Sound Card, Mouse or Keyboard changed ? What hardware will effect it ?

No, it will not effect your registration except your hard disk changed. The other hardware will no any effect. If your software became to unregistered, you may reregister it with your registration code. However, if it tell you the registered computers over licenses, you may deregister another one and register this. please view The solutions about registration failed.

How to do if Twister doesn't work ?
Why my computer always restart or bluescreen when I start Twister ? How to solve it ?

Please make sure your Twister and virus definition is up-to-date, if yes, maybe there have some files lost or damaged. Please note, you should restart your computer after update if it required you to restart, otherwise it maybe cause this error.

However, you may based on following steps to fix it:

  1. Start your computer with Windows Security Mode. You may skip this step if your computer can be startup successfully.
  2. Remove Twister from Windows Start menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Twister Anti-TrojanVirus -> Delete it. Please restart your computer immediately after removing.
  3. Because there have some important date will not be automatically deleted after uninstall, you need to delete them all manually. Please manually delete whole folder of Twister at "C:\Program Files\FilsecLab\Twister" or other you installed path. This is very important, you must delete them all, otherwise, maybe the problem cannot be resolved.
  4. Please download the latest setup package and update package from
  5. After download, reinstall with new setup package and do not restart computer immediately, update it with new update package, and restart your computer at this time.
  6. Now, your Twister will be recovery.

Dose Twister support the Windows Security Center ?

Yes, Twister supports the Windows Security Center, the details please view Windows Security Center.

How to use the Registry Fix Tools ?

Please view here .

Can the Twister start scan from Explorer Context Menu ?

Yes, the Twister can start scan from Windows Explorer Context Menu. You only need to right click files or folders and select "Scan for trojans and viruses..." to scan them on Windows Explorer or My Computer. The details please view Scan with Explorer Context Menu .

Can the Twister scan compressed files ?

Yes, the Twister can scan compressed files, you may view which types supported from Compressed Files field in Options panel.

What means about "File DNA Changed" or "Immunity Damaged" ? How to solve it ?

Your Virus Immunity feature has been enabled if you encountered this alert, this is the immunity data changed only, but it may not be virus, trojans or harmful program because the immunity technology is not very maturation. It is strongly recommended that you do not enable the Virus Immunity because it may make some misjudgments and bring you some troubles. You may disable the option "Enable Virus Immunity" in Options panel for avoiding these alerts. More details please view Virus Immunity .

If you did not install or update software, these alerts occurred suddenly and very more, then your system infected by unknown viruses very probably. In that case, you may try to scan your computer with other anti-virus software.

How to immunize whole computer ?

Please view Virus Immunity.

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