Frequently Asked Questions

Ask: Can this firewall block worm virus attacks even the up-to-date service pack dose not be installed?

Yes, it can block the most worm virus attacks. Your system should be safe even you did not install the up-to-date service pack.

Ask: Can this firewall block Adware and Spyware?

Yes, it built-in some definition to block some main Adware and Spyware and the definition supports live update. In addition, you may also define the custom rules to block new Adware yourself, about the details please view here.

Ask: Dose the firewall support Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) ?

Yes, it supports ICS and it built-in a ICS mode, you may switch your firewall to ICS mode via Mode Wizard. You may open the mode wizard from main frame.

Ask: How to purchase it?

This software is a freeware, you need not to purchase it. But, our budget fund is uptight, for getting better development, we would like to accept the contribution, we will open a contribution link on main frame, you may become a contributor, we will make a gift for you, a lifetime license code of Filseclab Personal Firewall, it is free forever for you, even the future charge-edition is still free for you.

Ask: I cannot remove the firewall, the uninstall program dose not work, how to remove it manually?

Yes, you may remove it manually, but please you must not directly delete the files, otherwise, your network will be broken down. You may open the installation directory of the firewall, for example: c:\program files\filseclab\xfilter\remove, double-click remove_safemode.bat to run this script file to deactivate the firewall, you may directly delete the files after that because the firewall has been deactivated from the Windows. You need to restart your Windows if there have some files cannot be deleted.

Ask: My rules were disordered, I want to restore to the default, need I reinstall it?

No, you need not reinstall it, you only need to use the Mode Wizard to restore the default. You may open the mode wizard from main frame.

Ask: Dose the firewall support Windows Security Center?

Yes, it can be registered to Windows Security Center (WSC) for Windows XP Service Pack 2. You may also manually to remove from WSC or add to WSC via Settings panel. But this option is no use for other operation systems except XPSP2.

Ask: Can I use it on my remote web server?

No, it is a personal firewall, the test is not enough for the server computer, and it may make you lose the remote control, although it built-in a server mode, but it is not recommended. It still cannot be run as a service. You may also try it if your web server is not remote control and it is not very important.

Ask: I am a rookie, I don't know how to deal with the prompt window?

The fundamental is simple, grant it if you know this program, block it if it is strange. For the advanced usage, please view Prompt Window.

You may also switch the firewall to General Quiet mode or Advanced Quiet mode, this two modes will not prompt you, it will automatically process the access. about the details, please view Firewall Mode.

Ask: Dose the prompt window support resolving IP address?

Yes, the prompt window supports resolving IP address to friendly name. But, you need to wait for a while after the prompt window popped up, the IP address and port will be resolved, but please note, there have a lot of IP addresses cannot be resolved, it will still be shown as IP address at this time.

Ask: I need to reinstall my system, but I want to reserve my rules, how to do?

You can backup your rules first from Rules panel. Restore it again after your system and Filseclab Personal Firewall reinstalled.

Ask: I am an old user of Filseclab Personal Firewall, I still want to use my old rules after update, how to do?

You may switch the firewall to Compatibility mode after update, it will use the old rules. But please you do not Restore the current mode to default value, otherwise, it will overwrite your old rules. You may open the Mode Wizard from main frame to switch the mode.

Ask: Can I install the firewall to another software's directory?

No, please do not use the other software's directory because the other software will be deleted if you uninstall the firewall.

Ask: My firewall dose not start, why cannot remote computer access my shared resource?

For preventing the worm virus attacks, the access from Internet computers to connect the local tcp port 139, 135 and 445 will be blocked even the firewall dose not start, but there is no effect for the Intranet. The shared resource is port 139, so, it was blocked. You may launch the firewall and stop it, the all access will be allowed. The Windows will be crashed by worm virus attacks if your Windows dose not install the up-to-date service pack and the firewall dose not block these ports.

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