How to get your computer ID

What is computer ID

The computer ID is an unique ID of computers, it is based on someone of hardware of computer. Our registration system based on the computer ID to differentiate different computers. Because the computer ID is based on hardware, so the computer ID may be changed following your computer hardware changed, in this time, our registration system will take it as a new computer, you need to re-register it and the error message of "Registered computers over licenses" may be occurred, you only need to deregister one based on the prompt. This is natural, please you do not worry about that, the registration code cannot be invalidation, we will make sure the registration code is available in this case.

The computer ID is take from Harddisk, Mainboard or CPU, the computer ID may be changed when your these hardware changed, the other hardware cannot affect the computer ID. and the Harddisk is first selection, usually, the computer ID will be changed as long as your Harddisk changed, the Mainboard and CPU is second selection, they are used sparingly.

What time need to use the computer ID

In the ordinary you need not to know the computer ID, because all operation is automatically completed. Only on technology support, if we need to know the computer ID, you just need to take it to us.

Even you cannot register online, the computer ID you also need not to enter it manually, the program can automatically attach it to e-mail template. If you must manually create an e-mail to request for register, deregister, renewal or synchronization, you just need to get the computer ID.

How to get the computer ID

1. Open the Filseclab Software Registration program first. You may open it from: Start -> Programs -> Filseclab -> Filseclab Software Registration. The frame as following:

2. Click operation combo-box will show following frame:

3. Select "View Computer ID" option and click Next to show following frame:

4. The computer ID is listed in this frame. you will be found that is a group computer ID, because our registration system has multi-versions, for keeping them compatibility, they are reserved.

If we need the computer ID, you need to take them all to us. there have a simple way, click "Copy" button to copy them to clipboard and Paste them to the e-mail and send to us. If you must manually enter it, at least the second(V2) computer ID is required.

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